Where have I been

I’m still having computer problems. I hope to solve the last one today, which will cost but I want go into that. Makes me too mad.

Nick is out and about. The pacemaker seems to be working well. He still has one problem. His platelets are way low. Hoping they had  gone up he had blood work on Monday.  His platelets were 57,000 when he went into the hospital for the pacemaker. They should have been 100,000. After the transfusion they went up to 63,000. Monday’s were 37,000. At is 3,000 above being a hemophilic. The coordinator took him off Presaid which can cause the problem. We are going to the hospital tomorrow for the teen clinic and he will have blood work again. If they haven’t come up he will be taken off imuran. I told Alex that we had waited around and Nick almost died in the last year and we weren’t going to do that again. We needed to be aggressive with the problem.

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