Write In and the Race

Based on the title you might think these two unrelated things go together. They don’t. One is about me on Saturday and the other is about two of my boys on Sunday.

Saturday I drove an hour to one of my writing friend’s house for a Write In. This is when a group of writers get together and do nothing but write. I got two chapters edited, a blog post written, and a movie review done. I spent from 9AM until 11PM in a chair. I felt successful. I enjoyed the time with friends that I don’t see except at writing meetings which doesn’t allow much time to really get to know someone outside of just talking about writing.  I spent the night and drove home in time to make church.

Now for the race. Drew and Nick bought tickets to the Talladega Race. They left at 10PM Saturday night in the pouring rain. They slept in Nick’s stationwagan, and cooked out steak and eggs for breakfast. They enjoyed the race. When they told me their plans I said, “You’re going to get mugged sleeping in the parking lot and be picked up by woman with one tooth.” Nothing like that happened thank goodness.      

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