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Nick's New Heart 30 Years and Counting...
Reader's Questions
  1. Emotionally what was the most difficult part of the book for you?

  2. Was Andy wrong to agree to surgery without Susan’s knowledge? Susan to the transplant?

  3. Did you learn anything you did not know about children with heart problems?

  4. How would you and your family react under the same circumstances?

  5. How has the book increased your interest in pediatric heart transplants?

  6. Did reading the book change your opinion about organ donation?

  7. Which part of the book did you enjoy the most? The least?

  8. Would you recommend this book to a friend?

  9. Why do you think Susan decided to write the book?

  10. Does Susan tell the story in a way that is understandable and informative?

  11. Would you like to meet author?

Thanks for reading Nick's New Heart 30 Years and Counting....