Readers' Comments
What Is Being Said About Nick's New Heart

"Sometimes a book is more than just a book, it is a mission. In my opinion, you fulfilled your mission splendidly."
--Arley Vest

"I usually find all things medical depressing but found your book to be very upbeat, and it kept me wanting to know what happened next."
--Diane Hightower

"Thank you for writing your book. It helps knowing that other people have lived through this!"
--Joy Koenes, mother of transplant patient

 " I started reading it when I go it and could not put it down until I finished it."
--Sandra Harper--one of Nick's nurses 

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for writing that book-you have no idea what a comfort you have already been to my family!"
-- Amy Ostrow Stewart--parent of a heart patient

"I am writing you to tell you the life change I had by reading your book. best friend went through multiple heart surgeries....your book helped me understand what my friend went through."
--Jamie Pringle

"I have been inspired and comforted by what I have read. I just  wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences."
--Lewana Maidstone

"Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It is so encouraging to know that we are not alone in this journey and that others have gone successfully before us."
--Sarah Smith

"Two things wrong with the book--couldn't put it down and it was too short."
-- A reader

"Just finished your book. Wow!! What amazing parents you are and what amazing children you have!"
Linda Lemming Lively

"Just wanted to let you know that our 2 copies of Nick's New Heart are one the shelves here at Children's Hospital of UPMC, ready for families to check out and benefit from your experiences. ... thanks for all the work that went into this invaluable book."
-- Andrea M. Kethum, Librarian

"I really appreciated the book! I really would have like to read such a book before or at least during the process.
-- Sharon Miller, Education coordinator, National Kidney Foundation, Utah & Idaho and mother of transplanted child

"I am grateful to you for sharing your story, in many ways "my" story, and for reminding me of many of the details I had forgotten, both purposefully and not. I wish you great success with your book. I hope it touches millions of people the way that it has touched me."
-- Michelle C. Thompson, mother of transplanted child

"It is wonderfully written and gives great insight into how patients and their families feel."
-- Dr. Jane Todd

"Well, I haven't put it down all day and just finished it!!! It is wonderful!! It is so well written and such a great story. It is inspirational and uplifting."
-- Lynn Harper

"I just finished your book and LOVED it! This will be such a wonderful thing for parents to read. You put things in a way that people who aren't doctors or nurses can understand."
-- Stephanie Kruse, Child Life Specialist

"What a whole new perspective of us to see things through!"
-- Dr. Bruce Miller

"It is truly inspiring. I canít imagine a person alive that this book could not touch in profound ways."
-- Cindy Eison